Monday, July 24, 2006

The Golden Pool


THE GOLDEN POOL © Scott Monteith

14" x 11" Oil Stick and Charcoal

in vitro veto: the headlines online this morning and Sunday night were stupid. on the sabbath Christian conservative news people were busy writing the praises of the stem cell funding expansion veto. good Christians know youre not supposed to work on Sundays. there used to be blue laws that even prevented shopping or buying liquor on Sunday (dont blame me if they bring them back). Bush surrounded himself with in vitro babies to announce his veto so we could all feel warm and fuzzy about it (sounds more like a B horror movie). I hope Michael Moore follows up on those kids in 15 years to tell us the crimes theyve committed.

it wasnt that long ago that in vitro fertilization was not accepted by the Christian community. it was wrong, unnatural, immoral. just like d-i-v-o-r-c-e. then all the people who couldnt (or shouldnt) have babies did, went to church and it was okay. its not only okay but its okay to have 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. Im surprised Target and Wal-mart havent cashed in on the opportunity to sell to these families. special discounts for twins, triplets, quads and quins ... but they cant cause there are already too many of them.

so whats stupid is that after these couples have their kids there are 5 or 6 fertilized eggs still frozen in case the others didnt take. those are destroyed or go to the very, very few couples who cant even get that far. the point is a lot of fertilized eggs are destroyed any way. why not use them to cure diseases? why give a frozen egg more rights than people who are already living, breathing and working in this country? maybe someone should point out that these eggs might grow up to be gay or illegal aliens.

and women ... women have periods. is that going to become illegal because those eggs could have been used to make babies? women make less money than men and pay more for their dry cleaning so it seems this anti-funding law is already in effect for menstruation (and its biblically okay because eve was a bad lady and that was the curse God gave women). now whats really stupid is Europe is unthinking their stem cell research laws and funding. the whole thing is just making the world stupid (and thats not the good stupid like phat its the real stupid).

to end on a good note have you seen the video for Im With Stupid by the Pet Shop Boys ... I dont know if its stupid or stupid but its somehow disturbing. its very New Order-ish.


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