Friday, July 14, 2006



PLASTIC © Scott Monteith

40" x 32" Acrylic On Canvas

at night the smoke has been drifting in like fog. since Sunday the wildfires have left a trail of haze lingering across one side of the valley and over the tops of the ranges in the distance. with every passing day the smoke has gotten thicker, circling the landscape until today it looks worse than June gloom in Burbank. I can only see mountains to the south towards the park, mountains in the other three directions are obscured completely.

the last four days I havent been outside much. the heat, the lack of anything to see, its all making me unmotivated and sluggish. there is always something that needs to be done and on days like today I am no closer to seeing any of it accomplished. it was pointed out to me all the work I need to do before my open studio weekend in November. actually its not much at all, seeing how I dont really have a budget to work with. what I have is what you will see. I think what I already have is quite nice on its own. if I get a budget maybe youll see more hand made prints and they will be nicely matted but whatever I do it will be presented well. so despite all the gloom and doom Im feeling better already.

open studio weekend will be November 4th and 5th if you find yourself lost in the Mojave Desert or if you are visiting Joshua Tree National Park. otherwise you can check out my online gallery - it will be updated soon with more new work and some old stuff I like too.


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