Thursday, July 20, 2006

After Bosch


AFTER BOSCH © Scott Monteith

11 1/2" x 16" Wood Block Print

last week could have been a week from hell had I not been through worse. it literally looked like it not far from me. there were 3 wildfires in the area, the largest was fully contained last night after burning 61,700 acres. for a few days you couldnt see the mountains because of all the smoke. there was the usual desert heat that was most likely the cause of a death. there was a potential tragedy of a friend with myself involved. and the emotional drag of it all in addition to the regular woes of life. I dont really want to recall worse times but they have tempered my anxiety. as the saying goes, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. I will persevere.

(a little trivia - the Garden Of Earthly Delights, as well as many other works by Hieronymus Bosch and his father, were church altar pieces more than 600 years ago. it is now in The Prado museum in Spain. when the altar is closed and the triptych is folded inward a sphere of Earth is seen, the earthly plane is depicted as flat.)


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