Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pretty Boys Die Young



7.25" x 17" Silk Screen Print

today I read an article on a premature baby who received blood transfusions in 1984. at the age of 2 doctors informed the mother that the child had contracted AIDS and was expected to die before the age of 3. the mother was told to start preparing and wrote an obituary for her 2 year old son. through the many miracles of life he is now 22, still living with AIDS, sharing his life with a healthy wife and son.

when I was thirteen I thought the news was truthful and real even though or perhaps because I questioned most everything. although I didnt have any illness the media told me I wouldnt live long either, that I would catch a disease, spread it to my family and die alone. no one knew much then about AIDS just as they dont know much about anything new today. luckily the news was just reports of tragedies to keep people watching and wasnt about finding the truth. (un)fortunately it made an impression on me. despite it all I am alive and well.

(a note about the image - before I saw screen prints by Andy Warhol I used to throw many away if they werent aligned perfectly. upon seeing his work I realized I needed to not be so uptight about my work. Im still picky but Im learning.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up thinking the same things and your art reflects that time period. Actually, right now reflects that time period! The headlines were all about wars, nuclear bombs, and AIDS. I am glad you escaped it all unscathed too.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Scott Monteith said...

history repeats itself until we learn from it. thank you for your comments.

12:11 PM  

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