Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hello: Welcome To LA


HELLO: WELCOME TO L.A. © Scott Monteith

12" x 16" Oil Stick and Charcoal

some things you have to see in person for yourself (of course I am from the Show-Me-State). for the piece L E N Beans my camera captured the subtly of the black on black but for this piece it did not show the "o" at the end of "hell" nor the "welcome to LA" under the cars on the freeway at the bottom of the canvas. what you see, much like life, depends on the light and where you are standing.

being raised a Southern Baptist and going to church 4 to 5 times a week it wasnt until I was a teen that I realized for myself it wasnt our duty to help God do his job by judging people. I asked too many questions at church. like why would Jesus turn water into wine at a wedding celebration if it was just like grape juice? for communion the church did get the best grape juice although I also questioned the public display of whos been bad or not saved (drinking and dancing, both mentioned in the Bible, are not allowed).

while it may not seem related my issue today is with off shore drilling. sometimes I think Im being judgmental but its just my opinion and there is a big difference. if all goes as expected the gulf states will soon be dotted with even more off shore oil rigs. that will in turn mean more refineries. the whole thing sucks ... actually it stinks, really bad. Im not sure how Manhattan Beach became an expensive place to live with all the refineries there but the beach area is ruined if you use your nose and eyes much. if you rely only on touch then its a nice place. for the love of money all the gulf states will no longer have nice coasts but they will be able to put lead paint in most of the kids classrooms for pimping the shores to Exxon and Chevron and the like. gee, isnt that nice.


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