Saturday, August 05, 2006

Study of Baby Head


STUDY OF BABY HEAD © Scott Monteith

11" x 12" Charcoal

Im at a point where I need to study my own head. Mel Gibson ... after graduating from college in a small, small, small town I moved to the entertainment mecca and hopped back and forth over the hill 4 times in 13 years. when I arrived I rented a room in the home of a child star for a year or so. On either side of me were the "boys" from Little House on the Prairie, a soapstar from the Bold and the Beautiful and a celebrity reporter with Entertainment Tonight. I worked next to the Face Place and Jonathans hair salon. there were celebrities all around but I never recognized any of them. I heard all the gossip but it wasnt my scene. Im a low key kinda guy that doesnt watch movies or tv unless its cartoons.

so Mel Gibson has said some stupid things in the past he was never held accountable for, like Eminemem and many others. recently Ive read about Gibsons father. while it does not excuse the behavior it does explain a lot to me. I myself, like way too many people, have an asshole for a father. while we arent genetically related I share some of the same asshole qualities when I am pissed off. when I was 15 I forgave all that happened to me until recently when the ugliness raised its head again. both my parents had issues at 40 with their parents and it was my goal to not be like that. Im not 40 yet but that goal seems to be getting further away during these Bush years. regardless, the one thing Ive taken away from the crucifixion of Mel Gibson is that I need to check myself and see where I am coming from. Id like for it to be a good place.


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