Monday, August 14, 2006

The Great Escape


THE GREAT ESCAPE © Scott Monteith

18" x 23 1/2" Mixed Media

each year I stay up until daylight to watch the Perseid meteor showers. I have a telescope from the turn of the century (thats 1900s) and while telescopes from ages ago can be good or even great, this one was made for straining your eyes. so what I see it with is the naked eye. this year the waning of the Full Red Moon and some moisture made it hard to see anything but a few days prior I was able to see the best shooting star I have ever witnessed. it shot across the southeastern sky towards Eagle Mountain. the color was yellowish, it was big and it didnt fade out as it seemed to come down. I wish you could have been herre to see it with me. the sight was amazing.


Anonymous Katrina said...

One year the experts said it was going to be the best year to watch the Leonid Showers in our lifetime. So, we all got up at 3:00am and went outside in November in NJ to watch the Leonid Showers. It was absolutely frigid. It was also the most amazing show I've ever seen in my life. The shooting stars just kept streaking across the sky for at least an hour. Then, one meteor shot across the sky and literally lit up the night. It was as bright as day for about 3 seconds. Truly amazing.

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