Saturday, August 12, 2006

Son Of Sam I Am


SON OF SAM I AM © Scott Monteith

18" x 24" Intaglio / Collagraph

I wish this were from a long lost episode of Daria and news from the Sick Sad World but it is not. the unabombers items are going up for sale to pay off the families of 3 people he killed via the mail and 28 others he injured. I think they should either lock it all away for the FBI students to look at or burn it. the man wanted his stuff back but a judge decided it should go towards paying off the people he hurt.

alright, my own title is sick. I did a Killer series of art. but these things are personal to me. I was adopted and my adoptive parents thought I was a satanist because I wore black one semester of college, despite going to church the previous 18 years, 4-5 times a week. yeah, imagine that, an art student who wears black clothes ... how original. never mind the shirts were the Altar Boys and Bloodgood and other alternative Christian bands.

my point is its sick and its sad. its been quite a while to be getting some money out of it ... I mean do the families really care? I think I would be more upset if I were them to think that these things are going to be bought by some sick people - not all but statistics would say there will be a few. hopefully the FBI or someone will have a clue phone to see who the new owners are since everyone else is a possible terrorists threat ... or satanist *grin*.


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