Sunday, July 02, 2006

First and Last 1945


FIRST AND LAST 1945 © Scott Monteith

24" x 29" Mixed Media

the rain ... it soaked the ground and made a leaking pipe apparent but the wildlife enjoyed their brief pool. yesterday afternoon I attempted to fix it but first I stopped off to see my alien prints at a local gallery. I hadnt seen the group show since it went up. the summer hours for the desert are 3 hours in the middle of the day on Saturday and Sunday. the visitors to the Joshua Tree National Park slow to a trickle during the hot months ... or so they say. the prints are in opposite ends of the gallery and I liked it that way. a little yin and yang.

the storms ... they are beautiful and potentially dangerous. for the next couple months the storms will be the focus of the weeks, the entertainment. the lightning is awesome and I grew up seeing a lot of storms. from decay and comes life. nature has a way of taking care of itself. in the end it will all work out.


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