Thursday, June 29, 2006

Osay Canuc


OSAY CANUC © Scott Monteith

Acrylic On Canvas 10" x 8"

I asked for rain and boy did I get it. yesterday as I started the bitter kiss entry I had to cut things short due to a thunder and lightning storm. everything is coming a couple weeks earlier than last year. spring sprang early, as did the desert bloom and now the rain.

the storm and lightning brewed for about 2 1/2 hours before the electricity went out. another 4 hours before it came back on. the summer storms have started ... now I just ask they keep to weather and no personal storms.

the "road closed" and "road flooded" signs should be coming out of storage today. one will state the road is flooded and in a quarter of a mile another will block a lane from town now until September ... Im not joking. more road flooded signs will be posted along the highway for passerbys to wonder if its a joke.

the rain accumulates in the washes bringing a lot of loose gravel on to the road as well as some big rocks and occasional boulders. I suppose the signs are supposed to make people more aware but when your driving through a hot, dry desert they seem a little outta place. and if it is raining I think when a person drives around the sign and keeps on going adrenaline takes over.

at any rate, I asked for rain and I got a lot of it.


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