Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saints And All


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SAINTS AND ALL © Scott Monteith

14" x 18" Silk Screen Print

the rain I asked for did some damage. those darn swamp coolers and that catch-22. the angle of the rain and its intensity caused it to come through their vents and damaged the ceilings. either that or the water in the cooler was displaced and ran over. either way the pump motor got wet on one and it burnt out. as soon as I finish this Im getting a motor or new pump to put in there to cool off tonight.

the driveway must have been a sight the day of the rain. two washes cut into the driveway slightly and left what looks like an aerial picture of an old winding river where the water traveled down the road. all up and down the highway are some new gnarly ditches ready to chomp away at it. and to my surprise theres no sign up declaring the road closed or flooded. maybe the county has a time table for signage.

in another week the bushes will be loaded with purple blossoms, the aloe will start stalks of flowers and maybe some of the cacti will bloom too. the jack rabbits, quail and house finches have all been celebrating. they each find a damp area and scratch out a cool spot to lay all day. so the rain was alright.


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